Learning languages is a feature of the Tirimoana School Curriculum and a point of difference for our school. Many of our children speak or hear another language at home. It is important to know and hear our first language. 

There are also many good reasons to learn a second, third or fourth language. We may seek to learn another language because of cultural connections within our families or communities. 

Other reasons that have been suggested include: 

  • travelling to other countries and learning about other cultures 
  • learning about celebrations, festivals, and cuisines of other cultures 
  • exploring and enjoying films, fashion, music and the popular culture of another country 
  • communicating more effectively with members of their own family who do not speak English 
  • learning more about how languages work 
  • communicating with friends from around the world via social networking opportunities 
  • participating in cultural and sports exchanges. 

Learning a second language can bring a great deal of personal satisfaction and pleasure. It can also open up a much broader range of future work opportunities by: 

  • making it easier to work, travel, and study in other countries 
  • making it easier to communicate and understand business culture, both inside and outside New Zealand 
  • developing the skills to work across cultures 
  • providing access to a wider range of ideas and knowledge 
  • generally strengthening literacy skills. 

At Tirimoana School children learn Te Reo Maori, English, Samoan, Mandarin and French by qualified native speakers. French is taught to our Year 5 and Year 6 students by Martine Strachan 

Whaea Kura Tuhura, a fluent speaker of Te Reo Maori, takes an advanced Te Reo class and supports classroom teachers in the teaching of Te Reo.