Tirimoana School is an Enviro School. At Tirimoana School we are committed to a partnership between students, staff and parents to develop environmental practices in the school community. We are also committed to developing an awareness of environmental and conservation issues. We aim to develop a sense of inclusion and respect for each other and our environment, and to acknowledge the unique species found in our Waitakere area. As part of our Enviro Schools programme we will develop sustainable use of resources. 

Enviro Schools:

Tirimoana School is registered with the Auckland Council Enviro Schools Programme. Each year we have an Enviro Group with representatives from children, staff and the community.  


  • In 2009 the school was awarded Green Gold status.
  • In 2013 the school was reaffirmed with Beyond Green Gold status.
  • The school achieved Green Gold status in 2009 and reaffirmed this in 2013 with a Beyond Green-Gold status.  
  • 2003 Bronze Enviro Award.  
  • 2005 Silver Enviro Award.  
  • 2009 Green Gold Award
  • 2013 Beyond Green-Gold Award

Our enviro-ambassadors work hard. They regularly talk about our enviro philosophy to any visitors who come to our school.

Current Initiatives:

  • Plan to plant new native shrubs along the edge of our bike track, especially along the pathway closest to Te Rākau Whenua. (June 2024)
  • Continue to maintain and renew existing areas such as Te Rākau Whenua and our Enviro-garden.
  • Monitor the use of water and educate new students about water and power conservation as well as continuing careful disposal of waste at school.
  • Encourage more families towards zero waste – less packaging in school lunches; use beeswax wrappers and small reusable containers for storing lunch items.
  • Continue to be a Travelwise School and reduce road traffic at school by encouraging Walking School Bus routes and our regular ‘Walking Wednesday’, supported by Auckland Transport.
  • Continue to plant and tend vegetables and worms to enable harvesting of fresh produce and educate learners on the benefits of healthy eating.
  • Continue to maintain our connection with the Te Whau Pathways project and support them with planting and monitoring along the whau.
  • Grow leadership using our enviro-ambassador programme.
  • Continue to learn about the unique species found in Aotearoa, their conservation status and adaptability in the 21st century.
  • Continue to beautify our outside environment with sculptures, murals and serene spaces to think, ponder and learn.
  • Continue to promote and share Enviro initiatives at our regular Friday whole school assemblies.
  • Self-review environmental programmes at school, enrich the understanding of teachers and students and demonstrate this in term planning.
  • Travelwise Park and Walk (see map below)