Tirimoana Primary was opened in 1969 and offers education in a caring environment for children from five years of age up to Year 6 level. 

The teachers at Tirimoana are committed to a child centred learning approach providing a balanced programme to meet children’s social, academic, sporting and cultural needs.  

In our school we regard everyone as an individual, where each child is unique. We aim to understand each child’s differences by helping every child to develop their personal strengths and talents. Our school motto “Discover Your Talents” reflects this. We want every child to believe in their own abilities and sense of self. 

We also place emphasis on high expectations for positive behaviour.  This means we expect our children to be polite and well mannered, be respectful of adults, friendly to each other and accepting of difference.  Our school PB4L CARE Values are Compassion, Acting Responsibly, Respect and Effort. 

Since 2003, Tirimoana school has been a member of the Enviroschools network,and has given emphasis to Environmental Education. 

Our school students come from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  We aim for every student to learn about and value other cultures. 

 We trust your family will have confidence in our teachers, and that your children will benefit from our care and professional knowledge.