Devices for Learning

At Tirimoana we recognise the importance for learners to engage in e-learning opportunities.

Digital devices (such as chromebooks and iPads) provides:

  • Opportunities for learners to learn, create, share, and collaborate beyond the classroom
  • Enhanced opportunities for group and project-based learning within real-world contexts
  • A wider range of personalised learning experiences that meet the diverse needs of learners including identities, languages, and cultures
  • Flexibility when it comes to sharing student work, allowing students to get feedback and input from their peers and whānau as well as from their teachers
  • Access to resources beyond the school walls, including experts and other people in the community.

Learners  have opportunities to develop their computational thinking skills (decomposition, pattern recognition, pattern abstraction and algorithm design/coding)

We also recognise the need for learners to develop their digital fluency skills, cyber-safety understanding and ICT skills. 

We take a balanced approach towards the use of digital devices; recognising the need for learners to have these opportunities but also that there is the need for learners to learn ‘unplugged’ from devices.