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 Afio mai!  Willkommen!               Welkom!
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 Marhaba!  Shalom!  Benvenuto!
 Swaagatam!  Selamat datang!  

Maligayang pagdating!               Fakalofa lahi atu!

Welcome to the Tirimoana Primary School website home page.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. We hope you will find lots of useful information about our school and community.

Our school was opened in 1969 and provides education for children from 5 years to 11 years old.

In our school we regard everyone as an individual, where each child is unique. We aim to understand each child’s difference by helping every child to develop their personal strengths and talents. Our school motto “Discover Your Talents” reflects this.

Our school focuses on positive behaviour and expectations for high achievement. In 2014 our school enters a contract with the Ministry of Education as a 'Positive Behaviour for Learning' School (PB4L). We already have a zero tolerance for bullying, swearing and littering. We expect all our children to demonstrate good manners and to speak clearly with confidence.

In the playground we practise peer mediation and peaceful conflict resolution. We expect all children to accept consequences for breaking school rules and for unacceptable behaviour. We practise a restorative approach to shaping behaviour at school.  Children are encouraged to think about the effects that an action may have on another person and redress this in some positive way. This is called Restorative Justice. PB4L also supports this system and altogether we will be establishing a very consistent approach to the way we manage behaviour across our school.

Our school is also an Enviroschool. We are a member of the Enviroschools and the Travelwise Networks. We aim to teach all our children about environmentally sustainable practices, and how to care for our planet by starting at home and at school.

We are also a Schoolgen school. With sponsorship from Genesis Energy through their Schoolgen Programme, we are able to teach children about energy conservation and sustainability. Genesis Energy donated photovoltaic solar panels to the school (on the hall roof) which enable us to produce some of our own electricity.

The school accepts five year old new entrants who live in our school zone to start school on the day of their fifth birthday or any school day thereafter. It is very important for us to have your child's name and starting date. Please contact us if your child is in our zone and starting school over the next 12 months so that we can plan for their entrance to school. We recommend children experience three morning visits to school before actually enrolling. Parents are encouraged to accompany their child on these visits.

The school introduced an enrolment scheme and zone in June 2000 to manage the growth in student numbers. This means that children of families resident in the school zone have first priority for enrolment. Families resident outside the school zone are required to apply for a place and may have their names entered in to a ballot.

Peter Kaiser


34 Kokiri Street,
Te Atatu South,
Waitakere City 0610
Phone: (09) 8389737
Fax: (09) 8374369